Saturday, 22 April 2017


There no such thing as NHS dental treatment in the Canary Islands. All dental work is charged privately, therefore, if you value your gnashers, want to keep them in prestine condition and give your best dazzling smile, it is recommendable that you take out dental insurance to obtain discounted rates on dental treatment.

For example:
  • A filling would cost you around 54.00€ with no insurance / with insurance 27.00€
  • A metal or porcelain crown would cost you 316.00€ no insurance / with insurance 158.00€
  • Titanium implant would cost you 990.00€ with no insurance / with insurance 495.00€
I think you get the idea! 

Using Optima Adeslas's own dental professional clinics you can obtain up to 50% discount on treatments or using partnered dentists to Adeslas up to 35%. Optima can also provide finance plans for your dental treatments.

These are just some of the 26 free dental services:
  • Consultation
  • Check-up
  • Emergency consultation
  • Dental cleaning tartrectomy
  • Oral hygiene education
  • Fluoride treatment session
  • Occlusal sealants (per tooth)
  • Dental x-rays
  • Dental Panoramic *
  • Lateral/frontal cranial teleradiography *
  • Pulp protection

Dental insurance for as little as 10.50€ per month or 8.93€ if you have health insurance as well. For 3+ people 19.00€ p.m. or 16.50€ with health insurance. Maximum of 6 people per dental policy. You can put 6 of your family or friends on the policy for only 3.16€ each per month! ;-)

There is no age limit and no questionnaire required for this insurance. No waiting period dental treatment are covered immediately.

On this link you can find all the Adeslas and affiliated dental clinics:

Friday, 21 April 2017

Funeral/Death Insurance

R.I.P. with an Adeslas Funeral insurance. Not a pleasant subject, but a necessity, we are all born to die! If you cherish yourself and your loved ones give them peace of mind with this death insurance policy.

The SegurCaixa funeral/death insurance covers all costs and formalities necessary when a person dies in order to assist and help family members in these difficult times. It gives support to the families of the insured by simplifying all the bureaucratic red tape involved with funerals, whether it is a burial or cremation.

Funeral Basic includes:
  • Funeral services: It covers the cost of the funeral services with a capital assurance of 4,201€
  • National transfer: Covers the shipment within Spain of the deceased back to Tenerife/Spain (for vacations under 60 days).  
  • Relocation International: Covers the transfer or repatriation from abroad to Spain of the deceased (including the spouse or significant other's expenses maximum 900€) e.g. death occurs whilst on holiday, relocation to Spain (for vacations under 60 days).
  • Psychological: Assistance for families when the insured's death occurred due to an accident or the deceased is under 18 years of age.
  • Legal: Assistance with document procurement, advice on legal procedures and court advice to facilitate and support in the necessary funeral arrangements
  • Logistics: Handling all the logistics and process of ALL the funeral arrangements
  • Languages: All transactions and communication by telephone via a multi-lingual, 24 hour service call centre in the language of your choice 
  • Freedom of choice: Burial or cremation service
  • Family policy: Ability to include multiple family members (3 people or more 10% discount).
  • No medical questionnaire: Policy holder only needs to validate that the policy holder(s) are in good health at the time of joining the insurance policy.
  • Accidental death: Should death occur via an accident (up to 70 years) 6.000€ assurance capital awarded to legal beneficiaries
Example of the cost:
55 year old                  €68.55
Are you ready for this.............? 

€68.55 per year!!!  YES, per year not per month (€5.71 p.m.)!

Funeral Optional Extras
For an additional small increment you can also have the following optional services included in your policy plan:
  • Wills: Administration and legal assistance will service 
  • Extra Services - music at funeral service, obituary, headstone, catering, etc. Capital assurance 1,000€
  • Studies plan - should the deceased have beneficiaries under 18 in school/college they would also receive 6,000€ each to continue their education in the event of accidental death. 200€ per month allowance.
  • Digital Plan: Administration of your digital internet footprint, closure of accounts on-line, social media profiles, banks, telephones, social security, pension, tax authorities, energy companies, etc., and identity theft protection, 
  • DNA storage -  Option to store deceased's DNA for 10 years
  • Accidental death is not included in the Funeral Complete Plans
For Funeral Optional Extras a free no obligation simulation will be carried out.

Funeral Plans
To give you an idea of the costs of Funeral Plans here are some prices from well known funeral companies operating in Spain which need to be paid as a lump sum or in installments over 5 years.  

Company A: charges from €48.16 for basic up to €112.50 for premium plan per month over a 5 year period with a €500 deposit. No additional charges. Lowest plan €3,390 - highest plan €7,250.

Company B: charges from €60.97 for basic up to €165.33 for premium plan + additional charges from €708 to €1920. Lowest plan €4,158 - highest plan €10,420

Company C: charges from €78.84 for basic up to €212.62 + additional charges from €1,086 - €3,126. Lowest plan €5,040 - highest plan €13,260

Worth noting if death should occur prior to full payment of the funeral plan the next of kin are responsible for the payment of the outstanding balance.

Whilst our insurance does not cover for repatriation of the deceased's body you can make arrangements to have the ashes transported back to their homeland. This should be stipulated to the Funeral Director arranging the cremation to ensure the appropriate vessel is supplied for on-board flight travel and paperwork. You will require their ID, death and certificate of cremation. Airlines should also be contacted to make them aware that you are carrying ashes. Permission also needs to be obtained from Spanish authorities to remove the remains from Spain. If possible, it is also advantegous to contact your local Spanish consulate to ensure a smooth arrival into the homeland of your loved one.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Home content insurance

Sound advice from Yoda....

If you are renting from a landlord/home owner, please be aware that you are not covered for your own personal contents under the landlord's home insurance. I cannot prevent loss of your prized possessions through theft, fire, floods....but, help you I can!